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Just Need To Know

I know this is not how you want it to be and will never offer what you want, but why do you insist on leaving me hanging in limbo, not knowing where we stand?  I’m tired of feeling like I’m the only one making an effort here.  If I was as important to you as you claim, you would make the time.  If you’re trying to drive your point home, I don’t think the outcome is going to be what you hope for.  Are you really that hellbent on proving your point?  I’m tired of spending so much time wondering, so I just need you to tell me what I should expect.


If it seems like I have this urgency to talk to you, I guess it’s because part of me is always wondering when the other shoe will drop.  When will you wake up one morning and decide this was all just a really bad idea?

It’s days like today that I really question what kind of person I must be to have created a situation like this…I can’t change how I feel, but I should be able to control how I act.  I’ve been very selfish.  No matter what I do at this point, the damage has been done…


You’ll recognize your conscience when it shows up.

It’s that thing that hurts

when everything else feels so damn good.

My Value

Sometimes I feel like my only value is in who they WANT me to be..


Why do things have to be so damn complicated?!?


Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible or realistic…

To build something lasting, doesn’t it have to start with a solid foundation?  If the foundation’s not solid, isn’t everything you try to pile on top of it destined to be unstable?  I don’t know if you can repair something built on an unstable foundation.