Did you have any idea

just how many people would
mourn you when you left? 

Did you have a clue, Justin,

how many people were so

by your kind and helpful

People who barely knew you

were touched by your bright

took notice of the sparkle
in your eyes

when you shared that smile
with the rest of us.

Did you know that you would
be missed? 

Did you know how much…by how

What was the last thought
you had before you took your own life? 

Did you see your parents’
faces…your sisters…your friends? 

Could you have even imagined
the pain they would feel

over losing their only
son…only brother…someone so special? 

Did you know how many people
were proud

of the man you had become…

even people you might have
thought never noticed you at all? 

Were you totally unaware of
the impact you had

on the lives of so many others? 

Was the value of your life,
your future, not as clear to you

as it was to the rest of us?

Did you ever think of what
it would do to those left behind…

The pain and the doubts and the
guilt and the questions…

Wondering if any words or
actions could have made a difference? 

Did you not realize how
extraordinary you were

for all you’d become and all
you’d overcome in your life?

What on earth could have
made you want to do this? 

The loved ones you’ve left

Those grieving your loss…

Would like to know…

But never will.


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